These are the games I’ve spent my time developing together with my great colleagues here at The Game Assembly.
Click the links to check out my contributions.

ACE OF SPACE – First Person Shooter

Play as Ace, a grizzled Space Cop who is sent on a dusty cleanup mission to save an ancient city from the clutches of an evil space cult.

Monster Mash – Wave Based Arena Combat

Assume the role of a mighty wizard as you blast och pierce enemies with powerful magic in a dangerous pursuit to become Champion.

Stellar Drift – Space Shooter

In this action packed space adventure you control an interceptor class space  ship in a quest for revenge.

Ursa Minor – JRPG-Inspired Turn Based Game

Your best friend has been turned into a bear and her real body has been stolen by an evil sorceress who is threatening the forest. The hunt is on to save the forest and reclaim your best friends body. It’s a JRPG inspired turn based game and the fourth game I developed at The Game Assembly.

Hayashi – 2D Platformer

You play as a mysterious warrior wearing masks. Each mask represents different abilities and can be upgraded in exchange for essences, which can be collected throughout the levels. Free the forest from evil spirits and try to acquire all the achievements!

Chuck Steel – Point and Click

Play as hard boiled man turned chicken, Chuck Steel. He’s on a covert mission to steal a cure and get revenge on the evil Dr. Slothro . It’s a point and click adventure game and it’s the second game I developed at The Game Assembly.

Corporate Ascension – Point and Click

Follow a day in the life of a not so regular business worker who has lost his key card and is running late for work, for the first time in his life.